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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cloth Diapering is Super Simple!

In this day and time cloth diapering is super simple. There's no need to fold and pin fabric around your little one's bottom. With a plethora of styles available it is now convenient to cloth diaper your child from birth to potty training.

From the bulk diaper manufacturers to homemade cloth diapers there really is no right or wrong way to go about it.

I've been cloth diapering my 8 month old since six weeks of age and I must admit I truly LOVE IT! 
In my stash, I have a mixture of prefolds to All-in-Two's totaling about 4 dozen diapers. The reason for the large amount is
                            #1: I make them
                     #2:  I consider myself to be a full time (1st time) cloth diaper-er; only using disposables perhaps 10% of the time. 

Not only is it convenient to cloth diaper it is affordable as well. The total cost of diapering one child for two years using disposable diapers is approximately $3,469.92  (this includes use of disposable wipes). So let's round up to $3500. This cost breaks down to an average of $1200-$1500 per year, which is $100-$125 per month.
The cost of a cloth diaper stash for two years can realistically run anywhere from $300-$800 depending on the style and quantity. Washing cloth diapers everyday for two years will approximately cost $227.76!

I know being introduced to this world can be overwhelming, but, no worries, I'll take you step by step through the benefits cloth diapering.

Just click here to see what all the cloth diapering jargon really means.

"Take it from a 1st time; full time Mom!"

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