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Friday, October 5, 2012

Ultimate Baby Shower Gift- Sadie's Babies Coveralls

That's it. I'm convinced, this has now become the ultimate baby shower gift!
Who would have thought that my mother's thrift store find would turn out to be so useful.
Given I would like to say that I came up with this concept from my ever creating  mind, but, I did not. I adapted the over sized bib my mother purchased to make it completely adorable and incredibly industrious. Alright enough blabbing here it is...

Initially I was calling it "The Crumb Catcher" but my husband did not respond to fondly to that title  so we renamed it "The Coverall" Cute right?
While I was pregnant, about 5 months, my mother sent a huge box of various baby items including blankets, sippy cups (which I thought was pretty funny, what newborn drinks from a sippy cup) books and an over sized bib that needed some mending.
So, being who I am I placed all the items that were not pertinent in the closet to store away for later use.
One short year later I pulled out the box and could not have been happier to be reminded there was no need to purchase some necessary items including sippy cups and bibs large enough to cover my now self feeding child (thanks mom!).
Why did I not use the darn thing sooner?
It's perfect for catching spills and also proves to be wonderful for catching drool as she continually sprouts new teeth. Let's just say she started with one of the "Coveralls" and now has five! I especially love to use it to keep messes off her pretty little dresses.

You'll be able to receive more detail about it beginning October 12 in my online store. www.Sadies-Babies.com

Think this would be a hit in your household? Let me know below.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Traveling: Out of City/State

In previous post I wrote that I will be breaking "Traveling with Cloth Diapers" into 3 parts. Here's 2 or 3; Out of City/State.

This is where the rules change up a bit.The fist thing I'll say about this topic: it is best to vacation at a place where you'll have access to at least a washing machine and a dryer at best. So, an over night trip to visit grandparents, aunts/uncles, siblings or best friends are always a plus. If not no worries it can still be done.
When making travel arrangements first consider how many days/nights you will be away from home and pack accordingly. I like to gauge how many diapers to pack by how many my little one will typically soil in a days' period (including overnight) ; plus 2 extra per day. 
For example, if I will be away from home two days then I would pack 20 diapers and 4 boosters. Yes, that is a lot, but, I like to account for the "oops" moments. In a day's time that will give me 8 diapers including extra if necessary. If your child is a heavy soaker or has many bowel movements consider these factors as well.

Throughout the day I change and store my diapers as usual following the "Around the Town" routine. As I reach the living quarters I'll perform the pre-wash and continue to maintain as usual. If I'm not able to wash them that night or the next morning or if they do not dry in time I will have another days' worth of diapers ready to go.
Additionally, if you are absolutely sure you will be able to wash and dry before the start of the next day then just pack enough to keep baby's bottom covered. :)

Let me know if this helps :)