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Friday, October 5, 2012

Ultimate Baby Shower Gift- Sadie's Babies Coveralls

That's it. I'm convinced, this has now become the ultimate baby shower gift!
Who would have thought that my mother's thrift store find would turn out to be so useful.
Given I would like to say that I came up with this concept from my ever creating  mind, but, I did not. I adapted the over sized bib my mother purchased to make it completely adorable and incredibly industrious. Alright enough blabbing here it is...

Initially I was calling it "The Crumb Catcher" but my husband did not respond to fondly to that title  so we renamed it "The Coverall" Cute right?
While I was pregnant, about 5 months, my mother sent a huge box of various baby items including blankets, sippy cups (which I thought was pretty funny, what newborn drinks from a sippy cup) books and an over sized bib that needed some mending.
So, being who I am I placed all the items that were not pertinent in the closet to store away for later use.
One short year later I pulled out the box and could not have been happier to be reminded there was no need to purchase some necessary items including sippy cups and bibs large enough to cover my now self feeding child (thanks mom!).
Why did I not use the darn thing sooner?
It's perfect for catching spills and also proves to be wonderful for catching drool as she continually sprouts new teeth. Let's just say she started with one of the "Coveralls" and now has five! I especially love to use it to keep messes off her pretty little dresses.

You'll be able to receive more detail about it beginning October 12 in my online store. www.Sadies-Babies.com

Think this would be a hit in your household? Let me know below.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Traveling: Out of City/State

In previous post I wrote that I will be breaking "Traveling with Cloth Diapers" into 3 parts. Here's 2 or 3; Out of City/State.

This is where the rules change up a bit.The fist thing I'll say about this topic: it is best to vacation at a place where you'll have access to at least a washing machine and a dryer at best. So, an over night trip to visit grandparents, aunts/uncles, siblings or best friends are always a plus. If not no worries it can still be done.
When making travel arrangements first consider how many days/nights you will be away from home and pack accordingly. I like to gauge how many diapers to pack by how many my little one will typically soil in a days' period (including overnight) ; plus 2 extra per day. 
For example, if I will be away from home two days then I would pack 20 diapers and 4 boosters. Yes, that is a lot, but, I like to account for the "oops" moments. In a day's time that will give me 8 diapers including extra if necessary. If your child is a heavy soaker or has many bowel movements consider these factors as well.

Throughout the day I change and store my diapers as usual following the "Around the Town" routine. As I reach the living quarters I'll perform the pre-wash and continue to maintain as usual. If I'm not able to wash them that night or the next morning or if they do not dry in time I will have another days' worth of diapers ready to go.
Additionally, if you are absolutely sure you will be able to wash and dry before the start of the next day then just pack enough to keep baby's bottom covered. :)

Let me know if this helps :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Traveling: Around Town

Traveling with your cloth diapers can prove to be slightly bulky and perhaps time consuming, but, when weighed against the health of baby's bottom and your wallet it is well worth it.
Since this is a pretty broad topic I'll break the article into three separate parts:
1. Around Town
2. Out of City/State

3. Out of the Country

Fortunately, I have experienced all of these types of travel with my diaper stash so I can tell you firsthand, it is not nearly as time consuming as one may think. I'll just say for the record the "poo" diapers become much easier as the little one begins to eat solids.

First up: Around Town

When not straying too far away from home you can really stick to packing the basics. Typically you will want to pack 1 diaper for every 2 hours.
For example, if you estimate to be mobile for 8 hours pack about 4 diapers; 3 hours perhaps 2 diapers and of course one or two extra for just in case.

 When making changes I found my changing station and zippered wet bag quickly became my best friends. Wonderful enough, I could fit two cloth diapers plus the wipes case within the inner pockets of the changing mat and just hang from my stroller handle for easy access.

 Additionally, I carried a homemade solution I concocted to spray on soiled diapers until I reached home. I found doing this helped to contain odors and retard possible set in stains.
Once home, perform the pre-wash routine and everything is back to normal. If you happen to get home late and do not feel like like washing the diapers out, no worries it's not the end of the world, just be sure to get to them first thing in the morning.
Super Simple right?  Traveling with cloth diapers Out of City/State will be coming soon.

Did you find this helpful? How do you travel with your cloth diapers? Let me know what works best for you below!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Cloth Diapering on a Budget

It is very common to experience sticker shock when shopping around for cloth diapers. Naturally you want the softest, most luxurious and even cutest fabrics to touch your little ones' bottom, but, let's not forget their purpose; they are diapers after all.

Along with the many options offered for cloth diapers there are accompanying styles to fit in every budget. The least expensive of those options are the flat/prefolds. they are not as hard to manage as one may think. I have step by step pictured instructions posted in "How to fold a Prefold"

With this style, you are able to use a single prefold to fit from a newborn size to a extra large. Additionally you can easily customize the fit through the crotch and bottom areas.

Another low expense option are flannel/knit diapers commonly referred to as "fitteds". You can find these diapers with several closure options including snaps, hook and loop tape, safety pins and even "snappis." Just be aware you'll have to purchase a waterproof cover to place over this style.

 Currently, my style of choice are All-in-Ones (AI1's).  When singularly purchased, prices on average range between $2-$5 more expensive than the aforementioned, but, the convenience is worth it! Now that I get out the house more often, I don't have to worry about extra parts or stuffing pocket diapers anymore. I find them to be trim fitting under clothing and they definitely take up less space in my diaper bag.

Most importantly do not feel pressured into purchasing a single style of cloth diapers. Maintain a variety of options; you may find your preference to change as the little one grows.
Test the waters and discover the variety that best fits your lifestyle diaper by diaper.

What's your favorite style of cloth diapers? Let me know below!

View our full selection of cloth diaper colors and other diapering options at www.Sadies-Babies.com

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mama Pads

For some, cloth menstrual pads are a much easier choice to consider after using cloth diapers. When initially introduced to the concept, I did not pay too much attention to it. Nearly a year later I decided to give them a try and I can tell you with absolute conviction, I'll NEVER  go back to disposable liners, EVER!
Like cloth diapers, reusable pads hold environmental, financial and even physical advantages.

After conducting some research I discovered how detrimental the chemicals used in manufacturing and even harvesting the contents used in the disposable liners can pose to our health and safety.

Like disposable diapers, sanitary napkins contain a chemical called Dioxin, which is a by product of the paper bleaching process. Although the levels of dioxin contained in sanitary use are quite small it is still hazardous.  
Another chemical used is Furan, which is a pesticide used to spray on the cotton crops. This particular chemical is so strong it will stay on the cotton long after it's been harvested, up to 20 years! 

Because these chemicals are soluble they accumulate in the fat deposits of the body and can add up to very dangerous residual levels over time.

I'll delve deeper into what physical ailments these chemicals are linked to in a later post.

Personally, I can tell you the comfort of cloth pads are unmatched by disposable napkins! I am no longer bothered by the adhesive strip sticking to my unmentionables the residue left on the undergarments or even the rough edges irritating my skin.

In three months time, I noticed a great decrease of abdominal pain, strength of flow and even days per cycle.

So if you're looking to save money, shy away from the discomfort disposable sanitary napkins may pose or leave your green thumbprint on the world then cloth menstrual pads may be worth a shot!

Are you currently using cloth pads or another reusable option? Let me know below!

Bothered by Odors? Try Dish Soap!

Grandparents are wonderful! They drop gems of knowledge without even knowing it.
Cloth Diapering skipped a generation with my mother. Fortunately, with the ease of use cloth diapering now provides; I've been able to pick up the torch not only saving money, but, protecting my daughter from harmful toxins found in most disposable diapers, that would otherwise be in constant contact with her skin. 

In speaking with my Mema she revealed some handy secrets to expelling stubborn odors.
Dish Detergent! Yep, simple as that regular ol' dish washing soap!

All I did was add about 1-2 tablespoons to a full load of previously washed diapers using hot water. In the end I ran an extra rinse cycle (as normal) to ensure the diapers were free of soap. In completing this process I chose what was readily available in my kitchen and found it to work great. 

Additionally, I also tried the dish soap as a replacement to the Dr. Bonner's I normally use in my pre-wash routine, once again a great result.
To find out how I perform my wash routines click here

If you're concerned with the chemicals involved with dish soap then stick with castile. I'll be trying African black soap in this same manner and let you know how it turns out.

Until then Happy Cloth Diapering!

Have you tried anything like this? Have trouble expelling odors from your cloth diapers? Let me know below!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sadie's Babies Recommended Diaper List

There are many options offered when it comes to cloth diapering. For a mommy who has been doing so for over a year I can tell you completely from experience the methods and styles I found to work best.
When it comes to any reusable good you want to make sure you get the most out of it. After all, one key factor in choosing cloth diapers is to save money.

Many feel one size diapers are the best choice to make, but, like anything they too have their pro's and cons.

I feel it is nice to have a variety when building a stash of diapers; which is why I recommend obtaining a select number of each size. To find out how to get the most out of size specific diapers please view "Is This the Right Fit."
I suggest buying the most of a particular size at the largest your baby will be within the longest time period. Yes children grow, but, I found my daughter stayed within a certain size range between months four and sixteen.There was about a one month period where she grew out of her small diapers, but, fell right back into them as she became mobile.

Below I've listed the diaper styles to which I feel you're able to benefit the most with the coordination of the cost.
  • .5 Dozen One Size Diapers
  • 1.5 Dozen Flannel Diapers (Pocket or Fitted)
  • 3 PUL Covers
  • .5 Dozen All in Two's (AI2) (size specific)
  • .5 Flat/Prefolds
  • 1 Wool/Fleece Longie
  • 2 Wool/Fleece Shorties
  • 8-10 All in One's (AI1)- for out and about and travel only (one size or size specific)
This is the list I found to work best for me. Consider your circumstances and modify accordingly. If your baby will be in child care All in One's or All in Two's will most likely be your best choice. Similarly, if you simply prefer All in One's or All in Two's have that style comprise the majority of your diapers.
When considering full time cloth diapering 3 dozen diapers will allow washing every 3rd day.

Remember there is no need to rush into building your diaper collection. Try a little at a time and figure what works best for you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is This The Right Fit?

Finding the correct diaper size for any baby can be a daunting task, especially when you are a newbie to cloth diapering and motherhood in general.
Every baby is different; and although size charts are helpful, it is best to physically measure your child to find what size range they fall into.
The basic factors that effect the fit of diapers are the rise, waist, thigh and "bottom width".
The rise refers to the length from belly button to lower back. To take this measurement, position the measuring tape at the back of the waist right in line with the navel, through the legs stopping just under the belly button, making sure there is slack in the crotch area. You may find it helpful to perform this over a diaper.

The second is the waist. Simply position the measuring tape at the navel and wrap around ending where you began. Be sure the tape is snug not tight around the your baby's waist. 

Next, measure the thigh finding the largest part closest to the hip joint. 

Last but not least, I like to call this measurement" bottom width". Most people do not think about this, but, I found my little one's bottom was at least one inch wider than manufactured cloth diapers, so I created a custom pattern. To find this, locate the widest part of your baby's bottom drawing the tape from one side to the other, resting in the crease between the bottom and upper thigh.

Once these measurements are tallied, you can then efficiently find the proper size for your baby. When looking at common size charts it is better to have your measurements fall at the lower end of the category. That way you will gain greater use from your size specific cloth diapers.

Are you steadfast on one size diapers? Sadie's Babies currently offers one size diapers to fit 8-35 lbs. Click here to find out more. 

Did you find this helpful? Let me know...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Overnight Diapering

I have a new love when it comes to cloth diapering! 
Wool and Fleece Soakers!

Wool Soakers

 These easy covers are especially great for night time use, or, if you're home all day. Fleece and wool soakers are not waterproof, however, they are water repellent; meaning they kick the moisture back into the diaper. 

Left to Right: Pull up fleece soaker, fleece longie, snap on fleece soaker

When it comes to overnight cloth diapering there is a great chance the diaper will leak and this can happen for a couple of reasons:
  1. The diaper can be soiled for an extended period causing a basic overflow.
  2. With the extra absorbency packed in the diaper this may cause gaps between the baby's thigh and the leg elastic of the diaper
*If your diapers leak on a regular basis a post of helpful hints is coming soon* 

To help prevent overnight leaking ensure the diaper has a stay dry interior usually made up of some type of polyester material like microsuede or velveteen. These fabrics will pull moisture away from your baby's bottom and reduce the risk of irritation. This action is known as "wicking." There are even night time specific diapers or those tailored for heavy wetters. 

As an extra measure, add your fleece/wool soaker. The extended leg trim will wrap around your baby's thigh to decrease the chance of overflow.

Wool Soakers Left to Right: Small, Medium, Large
If You have any questions, leave a comment and I'll be sure to get back to you.

**Note: it is not recommended to wear fleece and wool soakers under clothing**

How to Store Cloth Diapers

The key to cloth diapering success is organization. So it is important a system is in place to ensure your diapers are within arms reach when needed.
Storing a stash of 3 dozen or so diapers can take up a bit of room, but, it is definitely manageable. Through trial and error pull out drawers and/or flat open top baskets are some of the best options.When stored near your changing area this system makes changes fast and easy.

It is best to separate your diapers according to size, style, time of use (day/night) and even brand. Categorizing your diapers in this manner is helpful for several reasons: 
  1. Limits confusion: especially when daddy is performing changes.
  2. Able to change baby quickly
  3. You can see how many clean diapers are available
If using cloth wipes be sure to have those plus your solution handy at the changing area as well. 
With continued use and organization you'll quickly reap the benefits of cloth diapering.

**TiP: storing soiled diapers in a zippered wet bag or lined diaper pail will keep possible odors contained 

For help on how to wash your cloth diapers click here.

Questions? Just post them in the comment box.