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Monday, September 3, 2012

Cloth Diapering on a Budget

It is very common to experience sticker shock when shopping around for cloth diapers. Naturally you want the softest, most luxurious and even cutest fabrics to touch your little ones' bottom, but, let's not forget their purpose; they are diapers after all.

Along with the many options offered for cloth diapers there are accompanying styles to fit in every budget. The least expensive of those options are the flat/prefolds. they are not as hard to manage as one may think. I have step by step pictured instructions posted in "How to fold a Prefold"

With this style, you are able to use a single prefold to fit from a newborn size to a extra large. Additionally you can easily customize the fit through the crotch and bottom areas.

Another low expense option are flannel/knit diapers commonly referred to as "fitteds". You can find these diapers with several closure options including snaps, hook and loop tape, safety pins and even "snappis." Just be aware you'll have to purchase a waterproof cover to place over this style.

 Currently, my style of choice are All-in-Ones (AI1's).  When singularly purchased, prices on average range between $2-$5 more expensive than the aforementioned, but, the convenience is worth it! Now that I get out the house more often, I don't have to worry about extra parts or stuffing pocket diapers anymore. I find them to be trim fitting under clothing and they definitely take up less space in my diaper bag.

Most importantly do not feel pressured into purchasing a single style of cloth diapers. Maintain a variety of options; you may find your preference to change as the little one grows.
Test the waters and discover the variety that best fits your lifestyle diaper by diaper.

What's your favorite style of cloth diapers? Let me know below!

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