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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Traveling: Around Town

Traveling with your cloth diapers can prove to be slightly bulky and perhaps time consuming, but, when weighed against the health of baby's bottom and your wallet it is well worth it.
Since this is a pretty broad topic I'll break the article into three separate parts:
1. Around Town
2. Out of City/State

3. Out of the Country

Fortunately, I have experienced all of these types of travel with my diaper stash so I can tell you firsthand, it is not nearly as time consuming as one may think. I'll just say for the record the "poo" diapers become much easier as the little one begins to eat solids.

First up: Around Town

When not straying too far away from home you can really stick to packing the basics. Typically you will want to pack 1 diaper for every 2 hours.
For example, if you estimate to be mobile for 8 hours pack about 4 diapers; 3 hours perhaps 2 diapers and of course one or two extra for just in case.

 When making changes I found my changing station and zippered wet bag quickly became my best friends. Wonderful enough, I could fit two cloth diapers plus the wipes case within the inner pockets of the changing mat and just hang from my stroller handle for easy access.

 Additionally, I carried a homemade solution I concocted to spray on soiled diapers until I reached home. I found doing this helped to contain odors and retard possible set in stains.
Once home, perform the pre-wash routine and everything is back to normal. If you happen to get home late and do not feel like like washing the diapers out, no worries it's not the end of the world, just be sure to get to them first thing in the morning.
Super Simple right?  Traveling with cloth diapers Out of City/State will be coming soon.

Did you find this helpful? How do you travel with your cloth diapers? Let me know what works best for you below!

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