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Monday, December 12, 2011

Where can I purchase Cloth Diapers?

With all this information on cloth diapering I'm sure you're more than ready to get started. The cloth diaper scene is becoming quite revolutionary whether among the working class or the elite; this is an alternative you can choose for your very own reasons.

Please believe you have options when it comes to where cloth diapers can be purchased. Although convenient, it is not necessary to solely purchase your stash from large companies. There are many independent contractors who craft diapers on the same scale as the large manufacturers. It may be well worth your time and effort to purchase locally. You may find that independent contractors readily offer several options in styles and fabrics. With enough time, resources and research it is even possible to craft a custom cloth diaper stash of your own.

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Snaps or Velcro?

So now that you're shopping around for cloth diapers you're probably beginning to notice a couple of differences among the closures. Some diapers have snaps while others offer Touch Tape or sewn hook and loop velcro. 
Most snaps are made from a polyacetal resin. A snap press is needed to apply this notion properly. When strategically placed snaps offer a decorative element with the use of coordinating or contrasting colors. You can also rest assured older babies will find it more difficult to remove this diaper themselves.

Touch tape offers many fitting choices. When either purchasing or creating diapers with this option be sure there is a laundry tab to secure the hook portion when washing.

Regardless of what you decide they are both great choices. So try one or some of each and decide from experience which you prefer.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

One Size Diaper

These days I serve as a rattle, bib, bottle, burp cloth, jungle gym and even a diaper on occasion. Watching my daughter grow in these short 12 months is nothing short of phenomenal and I must admit, it certainly is nice to have baby apparel that grows with a developing child. Which is why one size diapers are an ideal choice to have in your cloth diaper stash. 

The main difference when transitioning through sizes are the fits amongst the rise and the waist. The rise of a diaper is the measurement right below the belly button through the legs to the top of the bottom. This measurement naturally effects the elastic fit for the thigh. 
Most one size diapers have multi snap settings or touch tape fasteners to adjust tightness through the waist and more often than not, snap settings are seen within the rise. 
Inserts range from microfiber to terry cloth, bamboo, flannel and other absorbent materials.

The beauty of a one size diaper is that it is a constant, typically fitting from birth to potty training or about 8-35lbs.

Through personal experience one size diapers are a great crutch to have when trying to keep up with a growing baby. Not to mention you get more bang from your buck! So shop around and see what works best for you.

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