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Monday, December 12, 2011

Snaps or Velcro?

So now that you're shopping around for cloth diapers you're probably beginning to notice a couple of differences among the closures. Some diapers have snaps while others offer Touch Tape or sewn hook and loop velcro. 
Most snaps are made from a polyacetal resin. A snap press is needed to apply this notion properly. When strategically placed snaps offer a decorative element with the use of coordinating or contrasting colors. You can also rest assured older babies will find it more difficult to remove this diaper themselves.

Touch tape offers many fitting choices. When either purchasing or creating diapers with this option be sure there is a laundry tab to secure the hook portion when washing.

Regardless of what you decide they are both great choices. So try one or some of each and decide from experience which you prefer.

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