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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sadie's Babies Recommended Diaper List

There are many options offered when it comes to cloth diapering. For a mommy who has been doing so for over a year I can tell you completely from experience the methods and styles I found to work best.
When it comes to any reusable good you want to make sure you get the most out of it. After all, one key factor in choosing cloth diapers is to save money.

Many feel one size diapers are the best choice to make, but, like anything they too have their pro's and cons.

I feel it is nice to have a variety when building a stash of diapers; which is why I recommend obtaining a select number of each size. To find out how to get the most out of size specific diapers please view "Is This the Right Fit."
I suggest buying the most of a particular size at the largest your baby will be within the longest time period. Yes children grow, but, I found my daughter stayed within a certain size range between months four and sixteen.There was about a one month period where she grew out of her small diapers, but, fell right back into them as she became mobile.

Below I've listed the diaper styles to which I feel you're able to benefit the most with the coordination of the cost.
  • .5 Dozen One Size Diapers
  • 1.5 Dozen Flannel Diapers (Pocket or Fitted)
  • 3 PUL Covers
  • .5 Dozen All in Two's (AI2) (size specific)
  • .5 Flat/Prefolds
  • 1 Wool/Fleece Longie
  • 2 Wool/Fleece Shorties
  • 8-10 All in One's (AI1)- for out and about and travel only (one size or size specific)
This is the list I found to work best for me. Consider your circumstances and modify accordingly. If your baby will be in child care All in One's or All in Two's will most likely be your best choice. Similarly, if you simply prefer All in One's or All in Two's have that style comprise the majority of your diapers.
When considering full time cloth diapering 3 dozen diapers will allow washing every 3rd day.

Remember there is no need to rush into building your diaper collection. Try a little at a time and figure what works best for you.

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