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Monday, November 28, 2011

One Year Anniversary!

Woo-Hoo! I made it! A full year of cloth diapering! It's surely been an adventurous journey.

When initially introduced to the idea I shuddered in fear. My first thoughts centered around time and work. I thought there weren't enough hours in the day to cloth diaper and on top of that it was unnecessary extra work to commit to. But, I can tell you from personal experience not only is it super simple, it is well worth it.
As previously stated I began cloth diapering my child at six weeks of age. I started as a part time cloth diaper-er only using reusable diapers 30-50% of the time. It wasn't until my baby reached three months that I decided to commit to full time, using reusable diapers more than 80%.

Since I was home for the most part my preference were Pre-folds with a waterproof PUL cover. At that point, it seemed to be the most economical choice as the cover could possibly remain clean all day.
*Wondering how to fold a pre-fold around you baby? Click here for step by step instructions*

As I started to get out of the house All-in-Two's or Pocket Fitted's became top choice. These styles allowed for a quick change and snug fit around my baby's waist and thighs so I didn't have to worry about those dreaded blow outs. When it came to traveling with cloth diapers I found it fairly easy to manage a quick change, even with the poo diapers. As my little one soiled the diaper I used homemade solutions to spray on and store in the wet bag until I reached home to perform the pre-rinse. As I continued using cloth diapers it became easier and easier to incorporate them into my everyday life.

I made a conscious choice to commit to cloth diapers not only for the health of my wallet, but, more importantly my child. It may be said disposables are the best fit, but, I encourage you to research how disposable diapers are manufactured and the possible effects associated with their use. If you're not sure what to research please click here for some information.

Cloth diapering can be a challenging thought, but, rest assured time gets easier with their use. 

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  1. Hey Sister! It's potty training time! What's up on the cloth potty trainers with side snaps? She's transitioning now, giving cues that she needs to go. I'm so excited! Still has a poopy diaper once or twice a week, hence the need for side snaps. Tips on creating a pattern to sew for myself? Time for a new Sadie's Babies training pants line?

  2. Yay!! Potty Training! I must apologize I haven't posted anything on the blog in a month,so, I hope this isn't too late, but, I have much coming including training pants. I created a pattern using actual 1t underwear. and then added to the seam allowance to account for snap placement. Be sure to look at the post "Is this the Right Fit" it shows you how to measure you little one.
    Good Luck!