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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pros & Cons of One Size Diapers

One Size diapers seem to be the most popular choice of cloth diapers preferred by parents, but, like anything they too have their pro's and cons. In my post "Sadie's Babies Recommended Diaper List" I suggested obtaining several of this style to add to your collection, however, it is best to know the benefits and limitations one size diapers offer.

The Bad News:
1.One size diapers do not fit every child the same way. You may run into a time where your little one is between the sizes of the specific rise adjustment snaps. When this happens, the leg elastic is either too tight or too loose around baby's thighs perhaps causing red marks or leaking because of an improper fit.

2. Irritation: As your child becomes mobile the snaps seen in the rise may become irritating to their inner thigh. Although this is less common it is an issue that has been brought to my attention by fellow cloth diapering mommies.

3. Misleading: The average one size diapers do not truly fit from birth to potty training. Regardless the weight your baby is born all children can take up to 3 weeks before the newborn size specific diaper begins to fit properly. With that said most one size diapers only reach a size small when adjusted to its lowest setting.


The Good News: 
1. Longevity: Children typically begin to fit nicely into one size diapers around eight weeks or so and can honestly last for a couple years thereafter. As well, there comes a point where your child will most likely rest within a particular size range, knowing this one size diapers serve a great purpose.

2. In between stages: while this size is not my "go to" diaper they are wonderful to have on hand. When in between washing or figuring out your little one's next size range you are able to base it off of the size setting that fits best on your child.

3. Investment: When it comes to this diaper money is spent one time. Additionally when properly maintained you can easily place the same diaper on subsequent children.

Knowing these factors of one size diapers will hopefully shed light and aid in decision making when it comes to building a collection of cloth diapers that best fit into your lifestyle and budget.

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